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Here is a list of our most recent and signature beers.

NOTE - Not all of the beers are always available at our locations. Due to high volume sales we do run out of some of our most popular beers from time to time. If your "go to" beer is not available, we should have something that you will enjoy.

*G.R. = Gluten Reduced
*L. = Contains Lactose
*ABV % & Hops May Change Depending on Batch

IPA/Hoppy Beer:

(G.R.) Helldiver 7% 81.2 IBU
West Coast Style IPA
-Hops: Centennial, El Dorado, Simcoe
-"A hop forward West Coast Style IPA. The malt characteristics and hop profile give way to slight notes of pine resin, lemon grass and stone fruits such as nectarine and peach."
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

Tropic Thunder 7.2% 64 IBU
Citrus IPA
-Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade
-"A citrus and tropical hop forward IPA utilizing lighter pale specialty malts that blend pleasantly, providing subtle bready notes while allowing the hops to play a more prominent role."
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

Fog of War 7.4% 47 IBU
Hazy IPA
-Hops: Mosaic, Nelson, Trident, Cascade, CTZ
-“A hoppy, yeast driven Hazy IPA. It is full of flavor and body that is rounded out by a balance of Oats and Wheat malts. Mosaic and Nelson hops help propel flavors of passion fruit and tropical notes.”
-1/6 Barrel: $100 -1/2 Barrel: $200

*Valkyrie 7.2% IBU 52
Hazy IPA
-Hops: Strata, Nelson, Citra, mosaic
“It’s hop-charged hazy IPA coming in at 7.2% with fresh hops like strata, Nelson, Citra, mosaic give notes of strawberry, tropical fruit, passion fruit”
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

Weapon X 7.2% 52 IBU
[Wolverine’s] Hazy IPA
-Hops: Loral, Simcoe, El Dorado, Centennial, Nugget
"A hybrid New England IPA with resinous pine and floral flavor notes combine perfectly with apricot and citrus aroma setting this beer apart from others."
-1/6 Barrel: $100 -1/2 Barrel: $200

Hoperation Overlord 8.4% 80 IBU
Double IPA
-Hops: Amarillo, Loral, Nugget, Columbus
-”A well hopped Double IPA with intense melon and floral notes rounded out with a clean bitter ending. The slight residual sweetness pairs well with the caramel malts present, balancing out hop bitterness and a higher alcohol taste.”
-1/6 Barrel: $100 -1/2 Barrel: $200

Goliath 9.7% IBU 75
Double IPA
Hops: Sabro, lotus, amarillo,
“As the name suggests this beer is brewed and dry hopped with a massive amount of carefully picked hops that provide intense flavors of tropical fruit, tangerine, orange, and slight coconut. A cool fermentation insures an easy drinking experience while a neutral malt bill lets hops be the focal point in this beer.
-1/6 Barrel: $100 -1/2 Barrel: $200

[G.R.) Red Army 6.6% 53 IBU
-Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, Cascade
-"A hop forward Red IPA with medium bitterness rounded by light Caramel malty sweetness. The tropical-like fruit aroma paired with orange blossom and tangerine flavors making this beer drinkable and approachable."
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

P.O.W. Unfiltered 5.3% 46 IBU
Unfiltered Pale Ale
-Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo
-“A light-medium bodied, heavily dry-hopped San Diego Pale Ale with noticeable citrus and tropical flavor and aroma. A classic representation of a hop-forward Pale Ale, where drinkability stands out the most.”
-1/6 Barrel” $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185

Malty/Dark Beer:

Big Boy [½ pint only] 8.2% 50 IBU
English Strong Ale
-Hops: Cascade, Amarillo
-"A smooth, balanced and high ABV English Strong Ale. The malt character and sweetness are complemented by fruity aromas that come from a light Amarillo hop presence and a prominent English Ale yeast."
-1/6 Barrel: $105 -1/2 Barrel: $205
*Big boy( or bigger boi) 9.2%- we dry hopped while it was still fermenting which gave us a boost in abv. Overall same beer but a little less sweet

Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Boy [½ pint only] 11.3% 50 IBU
English Strong Ale
-Hops: Cascade, Amarillo
-"A version of our Big Boy English Strong Ale Barrel Aged in Bourbon Barrels. A smooth, balanced and high ABV English Strong Ale. The malt character and sweetness are complemented by fruity aromas that come from a light Amarillo hop presence and a prominent English Ale yeast."

Battleground 6.2% 25 IBU
English Brown Ale
-“A malt forward, slightly nutty Brown Ale with hints of fruit deriving from english yeast in conjunction with floral hop background.”
-1/6 Barrel: $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185

(G.R.) Kilroy 5.3% 21 IBU
Irish Red Ale
-"A full bodied, easy drinking Irish Red Ale. It is malt forward and slightly roasted with just a splash of nuttiness."
-1/6 Barrel: $80 -1/2 Barrel: $180

Esconia 6.5% 41 IBU
Robust Porter
-”A collaboration brew we did with Escondido Brewing Company. It has a lot of flavor including chocolate and subtle roasted notes. We used a malt that came from Skagit Malting (a craft Maltster in Washington). This beer has a ton a flavor and meant to be drinkable.”
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

(*L) Wartime Chocolate Cake 6% 41 IBU
English Porter
-Hops: Northern Brewer
-"A dark, flavorful robust Chocolate English Porter fermented with English yeast, brewed with milk sugar and conditioned with organic cacao nibs. It’s Medium to Medium-Full body is balanced by it’s hop profile, malt sweetness and a fruity English yeast profile giving way to a very drinkable porter."
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

Devil’s Piano [½ pint only] 10.2% 36 IBU
Imperial Stout
-Hops: Northern Brewer
-“A full bodied lightly smoky Imperial Stout with notes of chocolate, espresso and light accents of dark fruits. High alcohol adds to the intensity while being balanced by a sweeter malt profile”
-1/6 Barrel: $125 -1/2 Barrel: $225

Devil’s in the Rye [½ pint only] 12.5% 36 IBU
Rye Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
-Hops: Northern Brewer
-“A variant of our Devil’s Piano Imperial Stout. Soaked in Rye Bourbon Barrels for over 6 months then blended with a fresh batch of our Devil’s Piano to give it the right balance of both flavors while also bringing the ABV up to 12.5%.”
-1/6 Barrel: $150 -1/2 Barrel: $250

Lighter Beer:

(G.R.) Riveter 5.8% 23 IBU
Blonde Ale
-"A light, crisp and refreshing Blonde Ale with notes of bready after-tones."
-1/6 Barrel: $75 -1/2 Barrel: $175

*Eagle’s Nest 5.5% IBU: 28
German Lager
Hops: German Northern Brewer, Hallertau Mittelfreuh
“It’s a German style Lager using 100% Skagit valley Pilsner Malt. Slightly hop forward and extremely drinkable leads this beer to become a staple for lager drinkers .”
-1/6 Barrel: $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185

Midway Atoll 5% IBU: 13
Japanese Lager
Hops: Loral
“Carefully crafted Japanese lager full in flavor but light in taste. Rice present in the brewing process adds perceived sweetness while also achieving a sense and dryness an increased fermentation”
-1/6 Barrel: $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185

SeaBees 6.2% 52 IBU
Honey English Pale Ale
-Hops: Amarillo, Loral, Nugget
-”An English Pale Ale fermented with honey. This beer has a great honey aroma and flavor on the back-end that is not overly sweet. The hops give this beer orange blossom and strong floral notes creating a solid balance of bitterness with sweetness from the honey and the malts.”
-1/6 Barrel: $105 -1/2 Barrel: $205

Desert Fox 5.6% 18 IBU
(*L) Dessert Fox w/ Strawberry/Peach & Vanilla 5.2% 18 IBU
American Wheat Ale w/ Lactose
-“A variant of our popular Wheat Ale, Desert Fox. Lactose, Vanilla and Strawberry/Peach are added to the base of this beer creating a creamy rich body and taste that is balanced by a light hop profile.”
-1/6 Barrel: $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185

(*L) At Ease 5.2% 18 IBU
Cream Ale
-“A lighter, medium-body Cream Ale carefully hopped with Loral hops giving small flavors of floral and lemon-citrus. It’s brewed with milk sugar adding to a creamy, smooth body that is excellent for an easy drinking beer.”
-1/6 Barrel: $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185


Blitzkrieg w/ [Mango/ Cherry Almond/ Passionfruit/ Ginger Lemongrass/ Raspberry/ Blackberry/ Guava/ Miss American Pie] 4.5% 26.8 IBU
Berliner Weisse Kettle Sour Ale w/ Mango PH 3.1
-"A light bodied and refreshingly tart Berliner Weisse with heavy notes of seasonal fruit on the nose as well as the palate."
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

*Red Cross 6.9% IBU: 15
Barrel aged mix fermentation sour fruited with peach and blackberry puree. Beer is aged in red cab barrels and meticulously tested and blended to achieve the perfect balance of sour and sweetness
-1/6 Barrel: $150 -1/2 Barrel: $250

Rotating Beer Section:

B-17 7.7% 85 IBU
West Coast IPA
-Hops: Cryo Cascade,Cascade, Chinook and Centennial
-”A collaboration beer with Skagit Valley Malting Co. B-17 is truly an embodiment of a classic Pacific northwestern west coast IPA. A collection of “C” hops grown from the region are masterfully used in the brewing process to provide notes of pine, grapefruit, resinous, and floral notes all throughout the beer’s profile. Concentrated lupulin hops are used during dry hopping to amplify aroma reminiscent of the region.”
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

Purple Heart [½ pint only] 5.5 % 24 IBU
Barrel Aged Sour w/ Black Currant
-“A Kettle Sour blended with barrel aged blonde white wine barrels and fruited with Black Currant purée. The brett and lacto characters shine through while achieving the perfect blend of sour and fruited notes.”
-1/6 Barrel: $150 -1/2 Barrel: $250

In the Works

Blend of Brothers 6.7% IBU 62
“Old Skool” West Coast IPA
-Hops: Crosby’s Blend , Hopstiener Trident
A homage to our brothers that fought in the front lines of WW2, B.O.B. is brewed using 2 proprietary hops blends from 2 different hop farms. Crosby’s Blend and hopsteiner’s Trident give off intense fruit forward aroma while the taste reflects more of a classic pine and resinous style of IPA
-1/6 Barrel: $95 -1/2 Barrel: $195

Little Warhorse 6.1% IBU 52
Oatmeal Stout
“Very little hops truly let this beer be a reflection of different crafted malts working together with oats to make an oatmeal stout that embodies full flavor with a medium/rich body. Sweetness is derived from its crystal malts present while its dark profile stems from a dark bitterless wheat.”
-1/6 Barrel: $85 -1/2 Barrel: $185

NOTE - Not all of the beers are always available at our locations. Due to high volume sales we do run out of some of our most popular beers from time to time. If your "go to" beer is not available, we should have something that you will enjoy.

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