About Us


I used to own a bar in Arizona, that’s actually where I met my wife, the CEO of Little Miss Brewing. I came back to the bar from a Christmas Party and I was all ‘decked the halls out’ in my Santa costume. We were hanging out at the bar, and my now wife was on the other side. The bartender called out ‘last call’ and as I went to help clean I noticed she had left her scarf at the bar, so I ran out to go give it to her. She was waiting for an Uber, so I told her she could come inside and wait there. We shared a bit more about ourselves and a few days later she ended up coming back, I decided to ask her out and the rest is history…

She continued working in insurance, but she started helping me open new locations. Eventually we made the decision to start creating our own beers, but we were at a crossroad, do we build our brewery in Arizona or do we head to the Mecca of the beer world, San Diego? I mean this is where you go to find premier beers. We knew this because we had guests come to our bars and ask for San Diego Beers.

So, we decided to take the leap of faith and move. With time, we realized we made the right decision, the brewery scene in SD embraced us. The CEO and the team have all contributed to creating such a warm environment here at Little Miss. Though it wasn’t all clear skies when we were starting up, we had our share of failures. Specifically, we had gotten so close to opening up a location in OB, but our plans ended up getting shut down. With those struggles, having your significant other as our business partner was crucial to finding the light at the end of the tunnel. We relied on one another to find solutions to the problems we faced. And in time we were able to pull through and succeed. That unity was crucial on a whole team basis, we’re proud to say that our staff is part of our family. That’s reflected in our connection with our community as well, we want our customers to feel like they know who is serving them. Just like they would at home.